Sébastien Plutniak

Participation: 2018, 2019

Sébastien Plutniak has been trained as a field archaeologist and a pottery specialist at the TRACES laboratory (Toulouse, France) where he got a master of archaeology. Since 2009, he takes part to archaeological researches in South East Asia (Borneo, Cambodia). Dr Plutniak is also a science studies specialist and received his Ph.D. in sociology at the EHESS (School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences). He was a postdoctoral fellow researcher for three years at the École française de Rome. As part of the Papuan Past Project, he participates on the field to the excavation,  to the topography recording, and to ethno-archaeological  investigations; he also manages the digital data, cures the project’s GIS  and edit the project’s blog.

[See details on his personal page and ORCID profile.]