Restitution of genetic results to the participants and new biological samplings

17th – 20th October 2018

A plenary talk series was given by Nicolas Brucato and Matthew Leavesley at the University of Papua New Guinea and at the National Research Institute to present the state of the research on the biological history of Papua New Guinean populations. Thanks to the high number of participants since 2016, the Papuan Past Project produced brand new results enlightening the complex history of the settlement of New Guinea Island. The scenario that is emerging from the biological data triggered great discussions between us and the audience, including students, professors, government members, etc., helping us to narrow down new scientific questions. The advancement of the Project was also discussed with the French Ambassador in Papua New Guinea.

21st-23th October 2018

Given the very positive feed-back from Papua New Guineans, new participants were invited to the project. An intense 2-days session of biological sampling was organized by N. Brucato, M. Leavesley and our collaborator Dr C. Kinipi, with the help of R. Tsang, K. Sesuki and T. Beni. The number of participants far exceeded our expectation giving us a lot of new work to do… but a lot of exciting new results that we will bring back to Papua New Guinea!