Reubenson Gegeu

Participation: 2019

My name is Reubenson Gegeu and I’m from Solomon Islands and I was born in 2nd August 1994, at Honiara General Hospital. I began my education journey in Solomon Islands and now I’m continuing with my University studies here at the University of Papua New Guinea. I started attending at the University of Papua New Guinea since 2016, doing a Bachelor Degree Program on Applied Anthropology and Archaeology.
I have also working with the Solomon Islands National Museum under the Department of Anthropology, Sociology, History and Archaeology since 2017, serves as an Archaeologist to the Ministry of Culture Tourism of Solomon Islands Government.
During my holidays in Solomon Islands, I have also working with international research partners from Japan, Australia, US, German and New Zealand on various research projects that we been carrying out throughout the country.
However, my future dream is to become an Archaeologist with a level of PhD or Professor to serve the need of my country.
With the experience, I gain from attending various research projects in Solomon Islands and in Papua New Guinea. It helps sharpened my knowledge of understanding and my interest to still doing my studies till I reach, my future goal as being professional as an Archaeologist to serve my family, people, Nation and world to change for a better place that individual will live happy as long as they are.

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