Martial Seguin

Participation: 2024

Martial Seguin is a master’s student in archaeology at the TRACES laboratory of the University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès (France). He specializes in prehistoric archaeology, with a particular focus on Aurignacian lithic tool analysis. He is joining the project to participate in the archaeological fieldwork in collaboration with the University of PNG and the National Museum and Art Gallery of PNG.

Astolfo Araujo

Participation: 2024

Astolfo Araujo is lecturer at the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, University of São Paulo, Brazil (MAE/USP). Originally trained in Geology, he got his MA and PhD in Archaology, and presently his main interests are linked to tropical geoarchaeology on the one hand, and the application of evolutionary epistemology to archaeological problems on the other. He is head of the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Studies on Evolution, Culture, and Environment (LEVOC) at the MAE/USP.

Adeline Morez

Participation: 2023

Adeline Morez is a biological anthropologist who specialises in the study of population genetics. After a Master’s degree in Ecology and Evolution, she studied ancient DNA to directly infer past human movements, focusing on Africa and Europe for her PhD (Liverpool John Moores University, UK). She is now a post-doctoral researcher at the EDB laboratory (CNRS, France). Her main interest is understanding how environment and culture have shaped human genetic diversity – through isolation, gene flow and selection – in Papua New Guinea and the islands of Southeast Asia.

Christopher Kinipi

Participation: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

Christopher KINIPI is a general medical practitioner with 20 years of clinical experience in primary health care and counseling in Papua New Guinea. He currently performs the duties of Director of Health Services at UPNG (2008-2022) and has taught Health Psychology and Techniques of Psychotherapy as a guest lecturer in Semester 2 of 2018 to undergraduate Psychology students in PNG. He has extensive knowledge and experience in managing both company and government-run primary health facilities in PNG. Recently, he coordinated the efforts of the UPNG COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team (2020-2021) to improve Infection Control and Prevention (IPC) Measures on campus. He will bring to the project his knowledge and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of PNG patients with psychosomatic disorders. He has research participation as a member of the “Papuan Past Project” team.  

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