Institutional Partnership & Funding Body

We acknowledge the support of :

  • French National Research Agency (ANR PapuaEvol 20-CE12-0003-01) for the project “Evolutionary role of archaic genomic inheritance in the unique Melanesian human diversity (PapuaEvol)” (2021-2024).
  • The French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (France) for the project of The French Prehistoric Mission in Papua New Guinea : “Évolution chrono-culturelle du peuplement préhistorique de la Papouasie Nouvelle Guinée : des premiers chasseurs-cueilleurs aux premiers horticulteurs” (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022).
  • The National Geographic Society (Grant HJ-156R-17) for the project “Prehistory of the Karawari region in East Sepik, Papua New Guinea” (2018).
  • The Leakey Foundation “Adaptive introgression from Denisova at high-altitude in New Guinea” (2019).
  • The Royal Society of New Zealand “Assessing the functional impact of archaic introgression in Island Southeast Asia” (2019).
  • The Clio grant for the French archaeological project abroad : “French Prehistoric Mission in Papua New Guinea” (2021).

The following institutions are involved in the project:

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